Scribd Review – Netflix for Audiobooks, Is It Worth It?

Unlimited Audiobooks, eBooks & Magazines, NetFlix for The Written Word? We Review in-Depth if Scribd is Actually Worth The Monthly Subscription

The Best Unlimited Audiobook Subscription Service but Limited Titles & Throttling of Access

Scribd Review Summary Pros Cons
Rating: ☆☆☆☆ ★ Unlimited Audiobook Listening ✘ You do not own the books
★ $9.95 Flat Rate per Month ✘ Limitations on Accessing Popular Titles
★ 100+ Magazines
★ Good Apps for Android & Apple
Visit Scribd ★ 1,000s of eBooks
Scribd Review
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  • Audiobook Availability
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Review Summary

Scribd gets our recommendation, although it cannot compete head to head with Audible or on Audiobooks alone, it does provide added value in terms of magazines, eBooks and even sheet music.  So if you are looking for a good overall written work package, look no further.

Scribd Review Summary

Highly Recommended Software

There are a lot of fans of Scribd out there, especially avid readers and audiobook listeners.

Scribd announced something very new in the world of media, a Flat Rate unlimited access to the Audiobook, eBooks, and Managzine Library.

This essentially went viral because, before this announcement, everyone was forced to pay for audiobooks individually.

There is nothing official from Scribd, but I estimate the Audiobook library to contain about 30,000 to 40,000 titles, this is a lot lower than Audible or, but I also suspect that the publishers receive a lot less revenue from Scribd, so they are less inclined to release new and best-selling titles.

Netflix for Audiobooks – Scribd

Scribd App for Audiobooks - A Good User Experience
Scribd App for Audiobooks – A Good User Experience

Scribd is very similar to Netflix in its business model; it licenses content from publishers and pays those publishers on a per-use basis.

As a consumer, we see only a low flat rate subscription charge per month for a large amount of content.

The monthly subscription is so low because you do not own the books; you are simply allowed to access them for the duration of your subscription.

It isn’t easy to compare Scribd for Audiobooks with Audible or

The Scribd library is not as large, does not contain the sheer depth of blockbuster, and bestseller titles and popular books are throttled.

Aside from that, I have found many audiobooks to enjoy, including the entire works of Tolkien and books by my favorite British comedians.

Scribd will become tiresome for the hardcore Audiobookhphile, but for casual listeners who also enjoy magazines and eBooks, it is quite compelling.

Scribd Magazines

Scribd has 100 magazines, which you can access via browser or the App. I was really impressed because there are some good magazines included in the Scribd subscription.

Flagship magazines like Time, T3, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Newsweek, and Inc are included.

Scribd Magazines - A Good Selection
Scribd Magazines – A Good Selection

I was very excited to see this, but when I read a few magazines, I realized the experience is not like really reading a magazine.

I do not mean the paper; I mean the layout and editing.  The magazine articles are in simple HTML with simple images; in fact, some magazines like T3 were very poorly formatted indeed.

This detracted from the magazine experience.

Scribd – Key Feature & Benefits Tabe

 Scribd Audiobooks
Our Rating☆☆☆☆
Audiobook TypeFull
Do You Own the Audiobook
Lifetime Access to Books
Audiobooks Collection40,000 est
Membership /month$9.99
Membership /yearly
Scribd Audiobooks
# Audiobooks / monthUnlimited
Cost per book /monthly subscription-
Cost per book /yearly subscription-
Subscription RequiredYes
Audio QualityExcellent
Books Returns PolicyNothing to Return
Customer SupportEmail Only
Scribd Audiobooks
Special Services
App Store Rating4.5 ☆
DevicesiPhone, Android, PC
Smart Speaker
Scribd - Key Feature & Benefits Tabe

Scribd Pricing Plans

The Scribd pricing is straightforward; it is $9.99 per month for unlimited access to their library of books, audiobooks, and 100+ magazines for the duration of your subscription.

If you stop the subscription, you lose access.  For many, this is not a problem, ff you listen to a lot of audiobooks and are not interested in building up a library of books that you own, then it is a great solution.

I have been with Audible for nearly a decade, I have 255 audiobooks, which cost me approximately $2,500 over that period, but those books are mine for life and for my children.

If I had been with Scribd for that period, it would have cost me $972, but I would own nothing.  It is like the difference between renting and owning a house.

Customer Service & Returns Policy

I have seen many complaints online that Scribd is throttling heavy audiobook consumers as they consume too many books.  Also, I have read that certain bestselling titles are restricted to one or two per user month or not even visible for some users.

I have not experienced this, but I can understand that it is a balancing act for Scribd to ensure they earn in revenue what they need to pay to publishers and that some do not abuse the system.

Scribd – A Good Collection of the Written Word & Music

I must say you could never get bored inside the SCRIBD ecosystem; you can see below the sheer depth of content available for the small monthly subscription.

Managing Your Library With Scribd
Managing Your Library With Scribd

Scribd App & Device Compatibility

Scribd App Store Rating: 4.5 ☆ Excellent

I have been using the App with my new subscription for two months and have found it an absolute delight to use. Running on Android and iPhone, the AppApp actually has everything you would need to enjoy Audiobooks and other media.

Key App Functionality:

  • Sleep timer
  • Bookmarking & Note Taking
  • Sharing
  • Playback speed control

Scribd Review Summary

Scribd gets our recommendation; although it cannot compete head-to-head with Audible or on audiobooks alone, it does provide added value in terms of magazines, eBooks, and even sheet music.  So if you are looking for a good overall written work package, look no further.

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