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getAbstract has Been Around a Long Time Summarizing Books for Quicker Learning, It Has The Biggest Library, But is it Moving With The Times?

The Biggest & Best Audiobook Summary Collection, Perfect for Business

getAbstract Review
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GetAbstract Summary

GetAbstract have been summarizing books for many years and understandably have a very large library of over 20,000 books.  Not all are in Audiobook format though, and they are missing quite a few classic business books.  The size of the library and the professional levels of customer service are undeniable, and so is the price.

getAbstract Pros

Review Winning Software

★ Over 20,000 book summaries
★ Professionally Summarized & Narrated
★ Book Analysis Also Available
★ Unlimited Access Audiobooks
★ Perfect for Businesses & Teams

getAbstract Cons

✘ No Book Ownership
✘ No Smart Speaker Support

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GetAbstract Review Summary

GetAbstract has been summarizing books for many years and understandably has an extensive library of over 20,000 books.  Not all are in Audiobook format, and they are missing quite a few classic business books.  The library’s size and the professional levels of customer service are undeniable, and so is the price.

Blinkist and getAbstract are both services that pay writers and narrators to summarize a non-fiction book.  A typical book might take between 4 to 10 hours to read or listen to.

That is a long time to invest in learning a few key lessons. Book summary services distill the book’s key messages and takeaways and transform them into much shorter versions.

The critical differences between getAbstract and Blinkist are the size of the library and the target customers.

getAbstract is the largest book summary service with over 20,000 book summaries in audio and written formats in 7 different languages.

They also analyze the book, not just summarize it, which can help you make sense of a topic’s meaning and ramifications.

The getAbstract Library

GetAbstract - A Huge Library, Easily Searchable
getAbstract – A Huge Library, Easily Searchable

In terms of target customers, you can see this is a solution geared for business, as they will also assist you in rolling out the learning solution to your organization.

In fact, over 150 Fortune 500 companies have already deployed getAbstract to their companies.


Student StarterStudent ProProEnterprise
Free$99 /year$299 /yearCustom Pricing
5,000 Summaries20,000 SummariesUnlimited AccessUnlimited Access

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If you are a student, you get a fantastic deal, as shown in the table above.  For regular individuals, the price of $299 per year is $200 more than Blinkist, but the depth of topics is way ahead.

Also, you can probably write these costs off against tax as part of your professional development investment.

So, ultimately getAbstract is the best book summary service available, so the pricing is invariably higher than Blinkist.

As an individual who wants access to a great selection of summaries at a low-cost look at Blinkist, for power users and small to enterprise-scale businesses, getAbstract is the right choice.

GetAbstract - Large Library Well Organized
getAbstract – Large Library Well Organized

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Getabstract vs. Blinkist

The key differences between getabstract and Blinkist are getabstract targets business with a $29.99 per month price tag, a library of 20,000+ summaries, and book analysis. Blinkist, at $12.99 per month and a library of 4,500+ books, are cost-effective, and unlike getabstract, it has an audio version of every summary.

Both getAbstract & Blinkist offer excellent services; after significant usage and testing, I can assure you, you will be happy with either service. Which one you choose depends on what you are looking for.

getAbstract vs. Blinkist Results/getabstractBlinkist Audiobook Summaries
Audiobook TypeSummarySummary
SummarieseBook, Audiobook, AnalysiseBook, Audiobook
Summary Collection20,000+4,500 +
Summaries / monthUnlimitedUnlimited
Subscription /month$29.90$15.99
Subscription /yearly$299.00$99.99
Free MembershipNoYes
Perfect for:BusinessIndividuals
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Yes, you read correctly; both Blinkist and getAbstract are winners.  This head-to-head comparison is too close to call because they are both excellent in their ways.  Let me explain.

4 Reasons Why getAbstract is Better Than Blinkist

  • Library Size: getAbstract has over 20,000 titles vs. Blinkist with 4,500 titles.
  • Summary Service: getAbstract offers not just eBook & Audiobook summaries but analysis of the meaning of books also.
  • getAbstract also has a very well-curated learning stream system that can be tailored for teams or big businesses.
  • getAbstract provides enterprise customer services to enable the integration of learning streams into a Learning Management Systems (LMS)

getAbstract – Key Features, Benefits & Costs

Audiobook Service/getabstract
Our Rating☆☆☆☆
Audiobook TypeSummary
Do You Own the Audiobook
Lifetime Access to Books
Audiobooks Collection20K+
Membership /month$29.90
Membership /yearly$299
# AudiobooksUnlimited
Subscription RequiredYes
Audio QualityGood
Books Returns PolicyN/A
Customer SupportPhone, Email
Special Services
App Store Rating3.9 ☆
DevicesiPhone, Android, PC
Smart Speaker
Table 1: GetAbstract Service, Features, Benefits & Costs

getAbstract is Targeted at Big Business

getAbstract is ultimately targeting businesses to provide the following services to corporations and large enterprises:

  • Brand Specific Portal for Employees to Register & Learn
  • Specific Channel Learning Curated to Fit Your Enterprise
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) Integrations
  • A Dedicated Learning Consultant to Help the HR Team and Assist with Integration
  • Human Resources Reporting Services

GetAbstract Review - Pricing & Services That Target the Enterprise

getAbstract Review – Pricing & Services That Target the Enterprise

getAbstract Review Summary

Although, on the surface, getAbstract looks like it is competing with Blinkist, its primary revenue source and business model is focused on the corporation.  This is a good thing as it has the scale to integrate into corporate learning systems to help employees boost their career and performance.

getAbstract is an excellent service for the enterprise and very good for individuals.  Unfortunately, it has a large price tag for individual consumers.

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