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In-depth Hands-On Test Of Discovers A Large Library of Titles and Competitive Prices. But Can They Beat Scribd & Audible?

A Huge Library & Low-Cost Subscription Model Make a Viable Alternative to Audible, Plus the New Book Club Gives You Unlimited Listening Review
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  • Audiobook Availability
  • Returns Policy
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3.67 (6 votes) Pros

Highly Recommended Software Highly Recommended

★ You Own the Book for Life
★ Large Library 200K+ Titles
★ All You Can Read Book Clubs
★ App Store Rating 4.3 ☆
★ Android & Apple Apps Available Cons

✘ Book Returns Policy
✘ No Smart Speaker Support


Audiobooks Review Summary


Having tested and used since 2019, I confirm it has an excellent selection of over 200,000 audiobooks and competitive pricing. Also, their highly-rated easy-to-use apps make it worthy of being your audiobook service of choice.  There are two drawbacks; the book returns policy needs improving, and there is no smart speaker support.

With access to over 200,000 audiobook titles, and new releases arriving quickly, you will not notice any real difference between the Audible service and

Importantly, like Audible, you own the book, which means that even if you terminate your subscription, you should have access to your audiobooks; for me, this is vital.

Firstly, there is no easily discernible way to return a book you are unhappy with.  In fact, looking into the user agreement, it says: “ grants refunds at our sole discretion. We do not offer refunds on any subscription charges”.

Secondly, there is no support for smart speakers like Alexa, Apple, or Google Now. a Great App With Good Recommendations., a Great App With Good Recommendations. Pricing

Free Trial offers a free 30-day trial during which you can access 3 free credits to exchange for 3 audiobooks, plus access to a VIP Book.  This is an excellent free trial.

Monthly Membership

The monthly membership costs $14.95 per month, which gets you one credit for a book you own and access to an additional VIP book from a selection they have curated.

This means the average cost per book is $7.48.

The only issue I have with this is that you do not actually own the VIP book.  It will always be in your library, but if you end your subscription, you will only have access to the books you purchased with a Credit.

This means all the VIP books will be removed as they were only loaned to you, not actually purchased by you.

This essentially means the real cost per book should you end your subscription is $14.95.

On the positive side, they are always running 2-for-1 deals, which means that if you buy books in the deal, you may bring your average cost per book back down to $7.50. Book Club – New in 2021

Audiobooks have introduced a great new member benefit called book club. Instead of spending your book credit on a single book, you can spend it on 30 days of access to one of 8 book clubs. The book clubs are focused on the Romance, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Health, Business, and Religion genres.

This means when you join one of these book clubs, you get unlimited access to the featured books. I checked, and there are at least 200 books available in each book club. This is an innovative new offering. The only downside is that most of the books are over 2 years old, so do not expect the latest bestsellers to be included.

Finally, if you spend your credit on the book club, it means that you have not purchased a book that you keep forever; you have essentially rented access to unlimited books for 30 days.

Audiobook vs. Audible vs. Scribd

Audiobooks vs. Scribd vs. Audible Results Visit Audible Scribd Audiobooks
Rating ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★☆☆
Do You Own the Audiobook?
Lifetime Access to Books
Audiobooks Collection 200,000+ 200,000+ 40,000 est
# Audiobooks / month 1 1 Unlimited/Throttled
Audio Quality Good (32 kbps) Excellent (64kbps) Good (32 kbps)
Membership /month $14.95 $14.95 $9.95
Membership /yearly $179.40 $149.50
Visit Audiobooks Visit Audible Visit Scribd Library

Online and on the mobile App, the Audiobooks library is the easiest to browse and find new books to listen to.  The layout and curated recommendation engine are very good indeed. The selection of books and bestsellers is huge, equal to that of Audible and vastly superior to Scribd.

Browsing the Library
Browsing the Library

Customer Service & Returns Policy

As mentioned previously, for me, the ability to return a book at any time that you do not like is a critical feature.

Unlike Audible, with, there is no easily discernible way to return a book you are unhappy with.

In fact, looking into the user agreement, it says: “ grants refunds at our sole discretion. We do not offer refunds on any subscription charges”.

This is an area where needs to improve and be clearer. With Audible, you have a guaranteed book return policy within 12 months of purchase.  This means you can return a book for any reason, even if you have listened to it through to the end.  That is a great returns policy. My Recent Purchases In My Library My Recent Purchases In My Library

App & Device Compatibility

App Store Rating: 4.3 ☆ Good

The App is very simple and easy to use.  I particularly like the recommendation engine and how the browsing screen is very visual. It definitely has the best book browsing and shopping experience of any audiobook App.

However, viewing your own library could be improved in the App as the book thumbnails are large and difficult to navigate.

The App has all the important features like a sleep timer, notes, bookmarks, and playback speed control.

I really like the ability to easily follow an author and be notified of any future releases; this is something Audible does not have.

The only App functionality missing is car mode, which helps you easily navigate the interface while driving. Finally, if you own a smart speaker like Alexa, you will be disappointed because there is no Alexa or Google Now integration. Review Summary has an excellent selection of over 200,000 audiobooks.  Competitive pricing combined with an easy to use App makes it worthy of being your audiobook service of choice.  The only drawback is that the returns policy is opaque.

2 Reasons Why is Better Than Audible

  • The App is better; browsing for new books to listen to on mobile is a slightly better and curated experience with
  • If you do not want to keep feeding the Jeff Bezos billionaire profit machine, go for; it is an excellent service and the best Amazon/Audible alternative.

Visit Features, Benefits & Costs Table

Audiobook ServiceVisit
Our Rating☆☆☆☆
Audiobook TypeFull
Do You Own the Audiobook
Lifetime Access to Books
Audiobooks Collection150K+
Membership /month$14.95
Audiobook ServiceVisit
# Audiobooks2 /month
Cost per book /monthly subscription$7.48
Subscription RequiredYes
Audio QualityGood
Books Returns PolicyAt Vendors
Customer SupportPhone, Chat, Email
App Store Rating4.3 ☆
DevicesiPhone, Android, PC, Mac
Smart Speaker Service, Features, Benefits & Costs

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