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Image Optimization

How Images Can Boost Your SEO in 2020

Website optimization should be taken seriously due to multiple reasons, notably because the majority of visits and interactions take place on mobile devices. The...
Top 10 Best Password Managers Review & Test

Top 10 Best Password Managers Reviewed & Tested

In the age of identity theft, computer hacking, and online blackmailing, it is absolutely critical that you ensure your online activities are secure.  It...
Ways to Use Your Smartphone Productively - Infographic

29 Tips to Make Your Smartphone a Productivity Powerhouse

You probably carry one of the most powerful productivity tools ever invented in your pocket. That tool is the smartphone but very few people...

How to Use SEO to Gain More New Customers

Given that online sales are all the rage these days, running a responsible, SEO-optimized site is a must for every business trying to turn...