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Benchmark Email Review: Is Benchmark Worth It? Yes!

This Benchmark review uncovers a strong portfolio of email tools, effective visual automation, smooth A/B testing, and good analytics.  Benchmark's social integrations to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Slack show a well-rounded product feature set. A reasonable CRM for small businesses is also included.

Top 10 Best Email Marketing Software Platforms

Our review and tests show that GetResponse and Ontraport are clearly best of breed winners, showing innovation, a fantastic suite of tools, and great value for money. If you want simple, highly effective marketing automation at the best price, SendX and AWeber are the excellent choices.

Top 5 Best Cheap/Low-Cost Email Marketing Software

Even if you are looking for the cheapest or lowest-cost email marketing software, you still need to decide what features you need.  SendX is...

MailChimp Review: High Price & Low Innovation?

MailChimp: An industry leader, falling behind on system stability, value for money, and customer service. MailChimp Review: Rating MailChimp Rating 3.2/5.0 💸 Pricing ★★✩✩✩ ⚡ Features ★★★✩✩ 📧 Email Deliverability ★★★★✩ 🖱 Ease of...

5 Best Shopping Cart Abandonment/Rescue Services

It was a single mouse click away, but that sale was lost.  Or was it?  There are some serious players offering a tight eCommerce...

13 Pros Show How To Choose The Best Email Marketing Software

Choosing the right email marketing software can be a challenge.  So we asked hundreds of business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketing agencies what email marketing...

Top 5 Services Sending Marketing Email At The Best Time

There is so much talk from email marketing guru's about the best time to deliver email marketing messages.  But the simple fact is that...

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